£95.00 - 1 hour

Postpone your plastic surgery appointment! This is one of our most popular cosmetic procedures. This treatment will mean you don’t have to resort to injectable filling of wrinkles! Offering the latest Cosmetology breakthrough for preventing and repairing the damages of time, without using any injection.

With the power of your own cells, Chronos Therapy is a treatment that repairs the marks that time may leave on the skin. Our skin is the most important field of defence in our organism. Chronos Therapy acts as a skin shield. It is directly activated, each time that an environmental intruder tries to disrupt its sensitive biological balance.

This treatment repairs the marks that time leaves on the skin! Chronos uses cutting edge technology to combat signs of ageing. 

The Chronos Therapy provides deep skin hydration while preventing and repairing the damages of time, without using any injection! 

This treatment can give unbelievable results while increasing your collagen production by up to 382% over a four week period! Your skin is positively glowing after this treatment.

A course of 10 treatments over five weeks is recommended for best results

Five step procedure includes:

2. PEELING. Glycolic and salicylic acid chemically exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells and promoting cell regeneration.
3. HYDRA SYSTEM. A serum and latex mask. The mask enhances skin’s water reserves.
4. ANTI AGEING SYSTEM. 2nd Serum and mask. This stage stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which are extremely important for skin rejuvenation.
5. ANTIOXIDANT SYSTEM. Serum and cream. This contributes to antioxidant fortification of the skin against environmental impurities, preventing premature ageing. These products are high in A Lipoic Acid a powerful antioxidant ingredient.
As well as being amazing for your skin, this treatment is extremely relaxing.

The Chronos Therapy treatments are most beneficial when performed over five weeks and a course of 10 is recommended.