£100.00 - 1 hour

Derma-rolling, also known as micro-needling is a safe, simple and pain-free treatment (used with skin numbing cream) that has the ability to naturally stimulate your own skin’s collagen and elastin to promote healthier cells in all areas (face, neck, décolleté and body), resulting in a smoother skin. Using 540 extremely fine medical-grade gold and titanium needles, the derma-roller painlessly creates micro-channels in your skin which trigger the body's natural healing process to create new, healthier tissue to replace the imperfections of older skin.



What is derma-roller skin needing therapy?

Skin micro-needling (derma-rolling) is a common cosmetic procedure for treating many skin conditions, by stimulating collagen and elastin production for both men and women.

This is an aesthetic treatment using a small, disposable non-ablative and non-surgical handheld roller.  This tiny roller is covered in superfine medical grade needles at varying depths dependent on the concerns being treated.

What are the benefits of derma-roller treatments?

The derma-roller improves the thickness of the dermis as well as the epidermis. This in turn, improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles. It also has a positive effect on hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation.

It also reduces disfiguring scars and acne scars, stimulates new collagen fibres, improves blood supply and harmonises pigmentation.


Are there any side effects?

There are virtually no negative side effects, to using this treatment.

Can the derma-roller treat lines and wrinkles?

Wrinkle smoothing treatment with derma-roller micro-needling is designed to treat various skin conditions such as lines and wrinkles, light scarring from acne and photo-damage, and to improve skin colour and other skin texture changes.

Will my skin be red after treatment?

Yes, your skin will be slightly pink straight after the treatment. The redness will subside over the next 12-24 hours.



Specialist FacialJo Buchanan