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£75.00 - 20 mins

Cool Lift is a revolutionary method which uses a powerful spray of carbon dioxide at a very low temperature and at a high pressure, and atomised CooLifting actives, resulting in younger, tighter skin.

The process of using Cryotherapy (cold therapy) causes vasoconstriction (reduction of blood vessels). In this way, we bring the supply of oxygen to the cells and stimulate collagen and elastin formation, which are both responsible for a beautiful skin.

The combination of cold and high pressure applied on the dermis causes an intense penetration of the CooLifting actives and an increase of their effects.

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£80 per area / double £150

Targets trouble spots using lipolysis, fat cavitation and vacuum, We can target and remove fat from specific areas of the body that would otherwise be very difficult to shift. Used in conjunction with radio frequency skin tightening, the tissue becomes tighter and smoother, meaning tighter and younger looking skin on your body.

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